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Our Team

Sara Watson

Property Manager

Sara is the Property Manager at Hot Metal Flats who takes care of current residents and provides information to potential future residents! She handles prospect inquiries online and over the phone, gives tours of the property, and answers any questions prospects have along the way. Sara also keeps up with daily duties like sorting resident packages, stocking the lobbies and keeping our residents happy! She is ambitious, focused and thinks Philadelphia is the greatest city on earth. That doesn’t sit too well with us yinzers from the ‘Burgh… but we’ll let it slide.

Bastian Schwarz

Maintenance Technician

Bastian is our Maintenance Technician at Hot Metal Flats. He is responsible for making repairs and upgrades that keep the interior and exterior of the building in tip-top shape. Bastian is patient, a problem-solver and an animal lover. His favorite things in life are his wife, kids, and pugs. Be careful not to step on his fresh kicks, he's also a huge sneaker enthusiast!

Dominic Randolph


Dominic is a Security Officer at Hot Metals Flats. He ensures the security, safety and well-being of all personnel, visitors and the property premises. He completes hourly rounds, monitors surveillance, and reports any observations, information and/or occurrences. Dominic is passionate about his work, but if he could be anywhere, he’d rather be soaking up some rays on a beach with his family.